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Field Day 2013

Rotatable dipole - driven element from TA-33 Jr. beam. GREAT portable tower - antenna - well not so much... 
Don't try this at home! This is the mobile installation. What a rotor!

Chuck, N9FNR's setup for his camper.

Ken, KN9S' 40/80 dipole.

Ken's 6 M portable ground plane antenna.

And this was Ken's "chicken fee" 2 M antenna - look closely at the silver pan!

Ken's neat radio 'box' and another shot of his antenna.

KB9JLO's FT-817 "QRP" setup.

Ken, KN9S making contacts.

Dan, KB9JLO, Why is this so hard? Pat, N9PN watching.

Steve, WB9TXY running Chuck, N9FNR's station.

Randy, N9GKD.

World Famous Beans & Weenies!