Central Illinois Amateur Radio Club

A community of radio enthusiasts that enjoy our hobby together.


Monthly Business Meeting is the

Forth Thursday of each month

Our next meeting will be at Tabernacle Baptist Church (650 N. Wyckles Rd.) Please park in the front. We will be in room 120

How we practice our hobby

2 meter Repeater


PL 123.0

Located on the historic Citizen's building in downtown Decatur.  This is also an Echolink Repeater. Node# 151741(K9HGX-R)

70 cm Repeater


PL 123.0

At 450ft our ".8" repeater has great coverage and is also part of the

Central IL Linked Repeater System.

10 meter Repeater


PL 103.5

With the interesting properties of 10 meters, this station has been heard as far as South Dakota.

6 meter Repeater


PL 103.5

A long running project for our club, our repeater is operational and at a height of 275ft.




Many of our members enjoy the practice of talking radio to radio.

SSB, AM and Digital



Where the hobby started, many of us enjoy the long reaching capabilities of the HF bands

Band Conditions

If you are interesting in finding out more about what we do or what our public activities are please drop us a line, we will be inviting you to our activities that are upcoming