December Fun Night - December 7th, meet at Dairy Queen in South Shores at 7:00 PM.
January Fun Night - Christmas Dinner January 11, 2018 to be held at 4 Star Family Diner in Mt. Zion, IL, 6:00 PM.

December Business Meeting -  Thursday December 28th at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, 7:00 PM Click Here for Map
January Business Meeting -  Thursday January 25th at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, 7:00 PM

Looking for some ham radio activity? Have you ever participated in any contests? Not all contesting is heavy duty competitive. Some is just basically for fun and to see how many contacts you can make - just fun! Here are a couple of links to contest calendars. Note that QSO parties tend to be pretty relaxed, laid back and fun - plus they build up your skills in operating. And you would be amazed at how well someone can hear you when they're in a contest -- Hi, hi!  Highly recommended for newbies.
Check out the Special Event Schedule at the upper left for a listing of special event operations.

Band Conditions This is a new site that gives instant band conditions for the continental US.

Signal Identification Guide  Very Cool signal identification site - more than just ham stuff but still very useful. Even has short clips of the 'sound' of digital signals.

ISS Information:
Discovery magazine article on some ideas on how to see the space station.
NASA's 'Spot The Station' alert service. This is really cool and referenced in the Discovery article above.
Space Weather's Satellite Flybys page - very neat resource. You can pick what objects to display, works by zipcode and they also have an app for most smartphones. It will also produce a printable page.
Heavens Above is the absolute best online resource for tracking any orbiting object. A lot of information but very configurable and quite comprehensive.
NASA Skywatch - I hesitantly list this one as it is a JAVA applet. JAVA has a lot of security implications right now and if you've implemented any of the recent protection solutions lately this one might not work. I would recommend the others before this one...
Awesome video of the ISS orbiting the earth during our night times. Check it out.
Awesome video tour of the inside of the ISS (Nov. 2012).
ISS Frequencies lists amateur radio frequencies and other frequencies. 

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