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TALARC - The American Legion Radio Club
FCC - ham radio service page at the Federal Communications Commission website
W5YI - resources for ham radio
QRZ - callsign lookup, swap ads, practice tests - reviews, swap ads, lots of useful information
HF Link - great site with information on 60 meters - take a look, certainly a lot of information that I didn't know.
Ham Nation | TWiT.TV - Bob Heil's online ham radio "TV" show
Practical Amateur Radio Podcast - KD0BIK's podcast on ham radio
ICQ Podcast - Martin Butler M1MRB & Colin Butler M6BOY's podcast on ham radio
SolderSmoke Podcast - Bill Meara, N2CQR's ham rado podcast
SpaceWeather - well space weather of course, useful for sunspot information, propagation, etc.
National Weather Service Central IL - national weather service for central Illinois
ISS Ham Radio - NASA page on the ISS & ham radio
AMSAT - the radio amateur satellite corporation
ILLW - International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend, an annual ham radio event
WLOTA - World Lighthouses on the Air
SOTA - Summits on the air
Islands on the air (IOTA) - RSGB Islands on the Air and US Islands Awards Program
TAPR - Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio Corp.

Awesome Morese Code Training Page - I stumbled onto a neat sight that some Morse code training materials & instructions. No, it's not another magic pill. It has the ARRL method and the K7QO method plus some drills, hints and tips. Looks like it is sponsored by the Anne Arundel Radio Club in MD. The site is called Morse Code Training take a look at it.

KB9JLO - My personal website
WA0ITP - Terry Fletcher of the 4SQRP club.
Terry off his Tips-Tricks-Info page has a really neat battery capacity spreadsheet that you can put information into to determine battery capacity and length your battery will run. SPREADSHEET LINK.
BALUNS - great page by VK5AJL on baluns, unbalanced - balanced lines, etc. Great information and building tips for antenna baluns.

Calling CQ - Jeff Davis, KE9V  "A personal letter for amateur radio enthusiasts delivered via email about once a week." This is an awesome resource. 
Go to this LINK and sign up for his weekly emails.
The below links are in response to the propagation mini-session we had at the Sept. 22, 2011 Business Meeting
Paul Harden, NA5N:
Paul Harriman, N0NBH:
Paul's "Understanding Propagation" tutorial
NOAA's "D Region Absorption Predictions (D-RAP)" -- very nice interactive world map showing absorption regions by frequency
NW7US Optimal Working Frequencies, website with chart showing MUF from Midwest to/from world locations
W6ELProp -- predicts ionospheric (sky-wave) propagation between any two locations on the earth on frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz. Free.
DX Sherlock 2.3 - QSO/SWL real time maps. Really neat "real time" DX spotting/tracking by location and frequency.

This link is a PDF of the PCB presentation from our November 17, 2011 meeting